The Controller of Budget

Mrs. Agnes Odhiambo


Mrs. Odhiambo is a seasoned Accounting and Financial Management professional who has made considerable contribution in the development and implementation of business strategy, business turnaround, business process improvement, financial reporting, procurement, human resource management, financial consultancy and public financial management in both private and public sectors of the Kenyan economy.

First Controller of Budget of the Republic of Kenya

Appointed the first Controller of Budget of the Republic of Kenya in August 2011, Mrs. Odhiambo has been overseeing and reporting on the implementation of the budgets of the National and County Governments to the Senate, the National Assembly, County Assemblies and the Executive on a quarterly basis. During the transition period, the Office of the Controller of Budget was very instrumental in building capacity for the County Governments particularly in budgeting.

Sound Strategy

During the first year, Counties experienced numerous challenges in execution of their budgets which were poorly formulated. Together with other stakeholders under the Kenya Governors Strategic Execution Support (KEGOSES) programme, the Office of the Controller of Budget through the guidance of the Controller of Budget carried out training of the County Executive Committee Members on Devolution & Public Participation, Planning & Budgeting, Budget Execution, Public Finance Management and Monitoring & Evaluation.


In order to support the counties further, Mrs Odhiambo has been organizaing regular county visits to address pertinent issues on budget execution by the Office of the Controller of Budget. The Office has also reviewed all county budgets and advised the counties on formulation of good budgets to enhance budget execution.

Consistent Reports

Through the Controller of Budget’s guidance, the office has produced quarterly reports on budget execution and highlighted key issues on the principles of public finance which have assisted in promoting prudence in public finance management especially at the county level. Through these reports, the Controller of Budget has been vocal on expenditure on non-core activities particularly conferences and foreign travels.

Controller of Budget, Agnes Odhiambo

Controller of Budget, Agnes Odhiambo

This is in line with the fiscal responsibility principles enumerated in the Public Finance Management Act, 2012. Continued provision of information has resulted into reduction of allocation of resources to non-core activities especially by the Counties in the 2014/2015 Budgets.

Devolving the OCoB

Mrs. Odhiambo has successfully operationalized the Office of the Controller of Budget in terms of infrastructure and human capital by setting up 47 functional County Offices to serve the county governments. For the smooth delivery of services to the public, Mrs Odhiambo developed a comprehensive strategic plan to guide the activities of the Office and ensured that, the law is followed before any public resources are spent. For instance, she has ensured that for the first time since independence, the Appropriation Acts are in place at the beginning of each financial year before the release of funds from the Consolidated Fund.

Kenya's Supreme Court judges file into the chamber during the opening of the 11th Parliament in Nairobi

In view of the foregoing, Mrs. Odhiambo has ensured that there is fiscal discipline in the budgetary process and that all items therein are in accordance with the law. Overall, she has initiated regular meetings with the Executive to address fiscal and budgetary issues, particularly the low absorption of development budget by the various government entities and has come up with recommendations that are being implemented. This has impacted positively on the management of public resources at both levels of government.

C.E.O. of the Constituencies Development Fund Board (CDF Board)

cdf-logoBefore her appointment as the Controller of Budget, Mrs Agnes Odhiambo was the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the Constituencies Development Fund Board (CDF Board). As the Chief Executive Officer, she was instrumental in its strategy formulation and implementation. During her tenure, she oversaw the timely disbursement of funds to the Constituencies. She also developed and implemented strategies that led to improved disbursement of funds to the constituencies, project approval cycle and timely auditing of funds released to the Constituencies for project implementation.

Director/Finance and Administration Post Bank

New_Postbank_LogoPrior to joining the CDF Board, Mrs Odhiambo worked with the Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank), as Director/Finance and Administration where she successfully led the financial process reforms that increased the Bank’s profitability through improved investment decisions that saw the growth in the Bank’s total assets. Postbank mobilizes savings for economic development therefore growth in the bank’s assets signifies its major contribution to the Gross Domestic Product, an indicator of economic growth.

Early Career Milestones

Prior to joining the public sector, Mrs Odhiambo worked in the private sector where she started her career as an Assistant Accountant in BAT Kenya in 1983 and then joined Deloitte & Touché in 1984 as a Financial Consultant and moved to Unga Limited in 1985 as a Management Accountant where she rose through the ranks to Finance Manager of Unga Feeds Ltd, a subsidiary of Unga Group Limited. In 1998 she joined Metro Cash & Carry (Kenya) Ltd as Finance Manager and was promoted to Finance Director in-charge of the finance function in both Metro Cash & Carry (Kenya) and Metro Cash & Carry (Uganda) in 2003.

Educational Background

Mrs. Odhiambo, is a holder of MBA and a first class honors B. Com (Accounting) degree both from the University of Nairobi, a Certified Public Accountant and a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK). Mrs. Odhiambo’s contribution to the accounting profession has been immense and this led to her being awarded the highest commendation “Fellowship” by ICPAK in June 2014 in recognition of her service to the profession.

Mrs. Odhiambo has attended several courses in leadership, finance, accounting, human resource, information technology among others. She has also held several board positions both in the private and public and this coupled with the training and vast experience has enhanced her leadership qualities.