Home / FAQ : What is the role of the Budget in the County?

The Budget performs five key functions in a County.

Allocation function: The Budget guides the development process in the County through resource allocation.

Distribution function: The Budget ensures balanced distribution of the County’s resources and that wealth is realised through identification of sectors that need renewed focus and affirmative action.

Stabilization function: The Budget helps to attain and maintain a desired level of economic performance in the County. There are some desired levels of stability that citizens require.

Fiscal transparency: The Budget ensures transparency, especially in the manner in which public expenditure is managed. Public information provides a clear reflection of the Government’s expenditure priorities. It, therefore, forms a basis through which citizens can challenge the County Executive over its stated policies and public announcements.

Control function: Budgets are useful because they provide a basis for evaluating performance. Performance evaluation is carried out by comparing actual performance with planned or budgeted performance. The causes of significant deviations from planned performance can then be identified.

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